Our greeting card PDFs are designed to be printed on letter sized (8.5" X 11") blank card stock, using a color desktop printer. If you look inside office supply stores, or search online retailers for "matte white greeting cards" you should be able to find pre-scored letter sized blank greeting cards that also come with envelopes! This way you can print your own cards from home, without having unused extra - and will never have to worry about rushing out to a store just to get one when you can print one at home!

By purchasing a PDF you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with the following:

  • The PDF greeting card file is for personal use only and may only be used to print greeting cards from personal desktop printers.
  • Commercial use can be purchased separately by contacting Unfed Artist. Commercial printing is prohibited unless written permission from Unfed Artist is provided.
  • You may not share or resell the PDF or the PDF license. The PDF may only be transferred between devices belonging to the original license owner.
  • You may not alter or redesign the card, or use elements from it in other works.
  • You may not convert the PDF file into another file format. Unfed Artist confirms the viability of the PDF in the current version of Adobe Acrobat at the time of file creation, but does not guarantee the file's viability in older or future versions of the software. If you are unsure about software or operating system compatibility - do not purchase!
  • Unfed Artist is selling the PDF as is - we will not alter or modify this product.
  • You are responsible for maintaining a backup copy of the PDF - Unfed Artist will not provide additional downloads.
  • Unfed Artist does not and will not provide technical support for printing the PDF onto greeting cards.
  • Unfed Artist does not make any guarantees regarding the availability of printing materials - please confirm you have the appropriate paper or card stock prior to your purchase!
  • Sales and use are limited to the United States only.
  • Because this is a digital good, all sales are final and there are no refunds.
  • Unfed Artist, LLC reserves the right to modify and alter these terms at any point in the future. Unfed Artist, LLC also reserves the right to revoke copyright permissions solely at its discretion.


Just A Tree
Have a Merry Christmas
& Happy New Year!
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