Back to School

August 23, 2012

Ahh....Susie and the Learning Monster. I'm going to start a small plot line with them today, so stay tuned!

A bunch of kids are back to elementary and high school today, and if they're anything like me, the learning part is hardly the reason they didn't want to go back.

What's odd is that now that I'm in my 30's, I get wistful thinking about those days... until I read my journals and realize the only reason I didn't go batty back then was because I was running on 50% hormones, 25% caffeine, 20% actual intellectual thought, and the remaining 5% was probably carcinogens and pollutants from the 40 year old drinking fountains on campus. So basically I had the barest comprehension of what the actual reality of secondary school was, and probably still is - convincing yourself that things will be awesome when you're out of school.

Really, that's all it boils down to. You go to school so you can not go back to school. You go to it so you can leave. The only people who don't get to say that are the teachers, but they get to look forward to you leaving.

All this being said, I do actually miss learning stuff. Great teachers made school worth going to for me, so here's hoping all of you get to experience that this year (provided you can focus).


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