He's Got The Sugar

August 26, 2010

It's the return of Susie and Learning Monster!

I don't think that I've actually had recurring characters yet with Employees Only, but if it's going to be any of the guys I've drawn up so far I've got to go with Susie and her out of touch instructor. Their comic was actually the biggest influence over the current style of Employees Only, so its only natural for me to want to bring them back. A very close second goes to Moses and his iPads from Mt. Sinai - I don't know, maybe I'll have him be a big Apple fan. I'm also obligated to resurrect the mighty Inspirasaurus Rex from extinction as well...how can I not?

The comic has come a long way from the many incarnations it's taken over the last decade, and I'm happy that I've finally found my stride with it. Now that I've found niches for some returning cast members, it should go more smoothly during the creation phase and that means I can enjoy making the comic even more.

And hopefully you guys are finding it enjoyable...maybe even educational - although I don't blame you if you're as lost as poor Susie!


Special thanks to the Mix for technical support on diagnosing diabetes jargon! I'm hoping you know what the hell this stuff means!

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