Unfed Artist - It Ends Up Tacos

It Ends Up Tacos

Another procrastination special hot and ready to serve! Thank you readers (and backers if you've found yourself here from Patreon), for your wonderful patience and even more for suffering my cheap comic strip punchlines. Please tell your bosses I said to give you raises and time off as soon as possible. Backstory - this comic is clearly autobiographical (for the most part). The family estate did suffer a catastrophic instapot meltdown; and my sister was oh so kind in screaming "FIRE" over the phone but not filling me in on the details after they found out it wasn't so bad. I showed up with buckets and tools, ready to attend to the damage and was served tacos instead. Yes, sometimes, it really does end up tacos. Not sure that will catch on, but maybe you can share it among yourselves. Especially if your bosses actually do give you time off and raises! -ic

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