Parrot Protection

September 23, 2010

You may have heard the news about some members of a Colombian Drug Cartel using a parrot to warn them about the cops showing up, and it being pretty worthless.  Given the level of sophistication that the cartels have shown in the past, I find it pretty comical that they'd resort to a parrot, but maybe it's a sign that the war on drugs is actually moving forward. Anyone who's ever had a bird like a parrot could tell you that all it will ever say is the same thing, regardless if the milkman, your Mom, or a squad of narcotics officers are at the door. So, I can only imagine they really didn't want anyone to show up, or they got so used to hearing "Run! Run! You're going to get caught!" that the cartel guys just ignored it.

Either that or it's a sign they didn't read the manual. You have to pay extra for those features!


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