The Door Fee

July 28, 2019

Heyo reader! Here's my first "big" and "involved" comic for your approval; which I'm calling a "Sunday" strip even though it's released on a Monday for you (if you support me). If you don't support me on Patreon - may I tempt you?

It feels good to get the color going again, and thankfully I think there wasn't a better comic to do this on since otherwise it'd be hard for me to show spotlights on a brick wall in just black and white.

Regarding the content - no I didn't do any standup comedy, nor have I accepted payment in egg mcmuffin meals. To be honest, as an Unfed Artist it might not be out of the realm of possibility. So far - I'm still happily receiving graphic design checks that allow me to buy all day breakfast at multiple venues across the valley, in addition to also paying for other things like rent and exercise equipment to burn off the fast food calories.

So - I feel like I'm moving up in the biz!

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