Panel 1 Ian looks at a photo of his great grandmother. The photo is an aged, black and white image of a heavy-set old woman, holding up a healthy boy sucking his fingers. Ian - My word - she looks like she fought off bandits, while cooking dinner for grandmom, and shoeing the horses all at the same time! Panel 2 Ian - Those were simpler times… Panel 3 Ian - I wonder what my descendants will say when they see my picture? Panel 4 Narration Box: THE FUTURE A young woman with a cybernetic arm, looking at a holographic photo of Ian, which is being projected holographically from her hand, The background shows windows looking out to a futuristic cityscape. Emaline - My word… Panel 5 Same scene, but she has turned to talk to someone. Emeline - He looks like he wasted most of his time on YouTube and Reddit… …and never really accomplished anything except finishing a few video games? Panel 6 Emeline - I’m guessing he’s also cried during Pixar films? Panel 7 The scene shifts to show an older Ian in a gray hoodie, using a cane. The windows behind him show more of the futuristic cityscape. Emaline is seen from behind looking at the picture of Ian Ian (very old) - You wanted to know why we’re clones. I warned you knowing isn’t worth the cost of therapy. Panel 8 The scene returns to Ian in present day; moments after panel 3. Ian - I hope they’re impressed!
Posted on July 7, 2023