Panel One: Ian holding up his boxer briefs in the bathroom. His cellphone is shown ringing on a nearby table. Ian - Well, you finally have more holes than when I bought you - I guess it’s time to save up for a replacement. Phone - (email notification) Panel Two: Ian is reading his email. Email - From Work, To Ian - Your next paycheck will be increased by 5% in response to inflation. Regards, Administrator Ian - Yowza! My wallet's suddenly burning MORE holes in my pocket! Panel Three: Ian is looking affronted on a luxury car lot. He has a monocle and top hat for some reason. Salesman - …sir I can tell you need new underwear more than you need a Mercedes. Ian - Well I say, clearly you aren’t acquainted with the eccentricities of new money my dear boy! Salesman - You also forgot to put on pants.
Posted on March 8, 2024