Unfed Artist - TikTok Algorithm
Unfed Artist - TikTok Algorithm

The Algorithm

Even though I stopped using TikTok, I have to admit it earns its reputation as a seriously addictive phone app. Like all other social media, and pretty much everything else on the web, those algorithms are really good at parsing out what interested me in order to keep me using the app. After a beat though, I realized nothing says, "You're a boring old man" than TikTok deciding you don't "want" to see all the sexy young people dancing.

That's not the reason I stopped using it. Nope - I stopped because it sucked way too much time out of my day (which, seeing that I wasn't watching the sexy young people dancing most of the time, ALSO says, "You're a boring old man.") That and it's a dubiously intrusive monitoring program controlled by a foreign government.

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