Unfed Artist - 3 Months
Unfed Artist - 3 Months

Three Months

My business brand mastermind group is wrapping up this week, and we're all getting ready to go 3 months on our own before we check back in with each other.

Given how 2020 is progressing, I'm not optimistic but I'm willing to strive for seeing the glass half full, regardless of what is served inside it.

As an aside - does anyone else remember the "wearing a potato sack" thing? Is that still understood, or am I dating myself by using it in a comic? It's not the equivalent of riding a penny-farthing to the apothecary is it?

Some people are making life and death decisions in 2020; but I'm over here worrying over drawing outdated comic tropes. I guess things can't be that bad!

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