Panel One: A reindeer is standing upright, performing a safety brief in front of Santa as Santa sits in his sleigh, holding green reins. A recorded voice plays behind Santa Recorded Voice - Hello, and welcome aboard. Please focus your attention to sleigh crew for important flight information. Santa - Do we really need to do this? Panel Two: The reindeer is holding up a sign that shows a glass of milk and a single cookie with a red crossed out circle laid over them. Recorded Voice - Refreshments will not be served, because someone is fueling up on enough cookies and milk already. Santa (appearing shocked, and having dropped the reins) - HEY! I CAN’T HELP BEING LACTOSE INTOLERANT! Panel Three: The reindeer points to a no “ho-ho-ho” sign, which has lit up on the sleigh dash. The reindeer is tapping the sleigh next to the sign. Recorded Voice - During moments of high annoyance the reindeer will turn on the no ho-ho-ho light. Santa (points his thumb back at himself) - Well, buckle up Blitzen, because I only know one track and it’s on repeat!
Posted on December 24, 2023
Panel 1: Ian, Aly, and Sean are wrapping up lunch at the Deckhand. Ian: Somehow our lunch turned into an endurance eating competition. But I will finish this poboy even if it kills me. Panel 2: Ian has collapsed onto the table. Bus Boy: Can I get you guys any togo boxes? Sean: Actually, my brother will need a stretcher and defibrillation when you get a chance. Panel 3: Ian is getting shocked into consciousness in the background, his body arching from electrocution. The sound effect “ZZZZT” comes from the defibrillation paddles. In the foreground, another customer, an old lady, is looking at a menu and speaking to her waiter. Ian: SHRIMP Other customer: Hmm. I’ll have what that table is having.
Posted on December 8, 2023