Panel One: A reindeer is standing upright, performing a safety brief in front of Santa as Santa sits in his sleigh, holding green reins. A recorded voice plays behind Santa Recorded Voice - Hello, and welcome aboard. Please focus your attention to sleigh crew for important flight information. Santa - Do we really need to do this? Panel Two: The reindeer is holding up a sign that shows a glass of milk and a single cookie with a red crossed out circle laid over them. Recorded Voice - Refreshments will not be served, because someone is fueling up on enough cookies and milk already. Santa (appearing shocked, and having dropped the reins) - HEY! I CAN’T HELP BEING LACTOSE INTOLERANT! Panel Three: The reindeer points to a no “ho-ho-ho” sign, which has lit up on the sleigh dash. The reindeer is tapping the sleigh next to the sign. Recorded Voice - During moments of high annoyance the reindeer will turn on the no ho-ho-ho light. Santa (points his thumb back at himself) - Well, buckle up Blitzen, because I only know one track and it’s on repeat!
Posted on December 24, 2023