Panel One: Ian is wearing a full on Aladdin costume, driving a brown Jeep with Sean, who is in the passenger seat. Sean is bald, wearing a blue shirt and has a goatee with a white beard. Ian (singing with one hand held up out of the driver side window): You can show me around! I just moved here and I’m clueless. Tell me brother, where is a Cheba Hut from where we are? Panel Two: Same scene. Sean (points while singing in response): It’s over there! About 15 miles by car-pet ride. Panel 3:: Sean stops singing and looks sternly at Ian. A capuchin monkey has appeared and is bearing it’s teeth as it looks out the front of the Jeep. Sean: Now can you please put on normal clothing? This is Texas. We’re going to get shot.
Posted on May 26, 2023