Beauty on the Inside

A comic about smell. Buckle up.

How crazy is it that weird smells are a symptom of stroke? It's like something you tell someone who's gullible just to see how long they believe it. I'm still not sure I do believe it to be honest. Burnt toast equals stroke? Really? Am I being filmed right now?

Then there's this whole category of "manly smells". Tobacco and trees usually. Heaven forbid someone try to claim that strawberries is manly, am I right? (Again - is someone joking with me?)

My older brother used to fight forest fires, and I remember the very distinct smell of his clothing when he stopped by home to do laundry - it was "pleasant", although the connotation may not be. All the same, I think I could go for the fragrance of forest fire, and also...who doesn't love the smell of warm bread? Bottle those up and I'll give 'em a whiff.

To be honest, none of this was why I thought up the comic. I may have actually suffered some cerebral damage before conceiving it. Try to have fun smelling things regardless.

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